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Goat's Milk Cheeses


This fresh soft cheese is made within a day of milking the goats, making it some of the freshest around. It consist of only pasteurized milk, cultures, enzymes and salt.


The Smoky Goat
This fresh chevre is lightly smoked in fruitwood before being gently rolled in salt, black pepper and freshly ground spicebush berries.



Fresh Goat Feta
Like all our cheese, this feta is made within a day, and contains only pasteurized milk, cultures and enzymes. Then it's salted in brine until cutting.



Goat's Milk Gouda
We offer pasteurized and raw milk Gouda, and both are aged for a minimum of sixty days. Each is comprised of goat's milk, cultures, enzymes and salt.



Cow's Milk Cheeses
We purchase cow's milk from Snowville Creamery year-round and make a variety of cheeses.

REMINDER: The prices above do not include shipping & handling. The cheese must be shipped in a cooler with ice packs, and costs are calculated on weight, zip code and shipping method.

Fresh Products

Fresh Ohio Valley Pawpaws
Each order contains two pounds of pawpaws, freshly plucked from the rolling hills of Southeastern Ohio. You will receive anywhere from four to six pieces (per pound) of fruits, depending on the size, shape and variety, and the year's weather conditions. Every attempt is made to stagger the fruits’ ripeness, so some are ready to eat when you open the box and others can be placed in the refrigerator to ripen over several days.

The fresh fruit season typically begins around the end of August and lasts into mid-October. It is a short window of time, so place orders in advance if possible.



Fresh Spicewood
Lindera benzoin is the botanical name for this wonderfully aromatic small native shrub that grows in the moist, shaded ravines in parts of Appalachia. Native cultures and early settlers used it traditionally as a tea; Integration Acres suggests using it in marinades or wrapping and piercing meats on the grill. The delicate lemon-pine flavor of the spicebush leaves an exotic taste. Available only from May to September.


Fresh Ramps - NEW 2010 - available only in April
Also known as wild leeks (Allium trioccum), these onions are native to eastern North America. They come up in early spring, and generally are only available for a few short weeks. Because they have been over-harvested in some ares, we take care to sustainably harvest the ramps we provide. The entire plant (leaves and bulb) can be used in place of onions, garlic, leeks or scallions.



Preserved and Packaged Products

Pawpaw Spiceberry Jam
Simple and sweet, with dried spicebush berries mixed with gobs of pawpaw pulp to keep it interesting, spread this on your next PB & J for something new! It’s also versatile enough to make a cake glaze or as an accompaniment to cheese and crackers. Now made with ORGANIC evaporated cane juice, the jam placed first in the sauce category at the 2005 Ohio Pawpaw Festival.



Pawpaw Green Tomato Relish
Willow Run Organics, located in Athens, Ohio supplies the certified organic green tomatoes and we add our pawpaw pulp, some apple cider vinegar and a bit of spicebush berries for this one-of-a-kind condiment. Try it on your next hotdog or burger, or mix it into tuna salad for a little kick.



Pawpaw Autumn Harvest Chutney
Blended with apples from Gillogly Orchards in Albany, Ohio, and locally grown peppers, and of course loads of pawpaw pulp, this chutney adds a zing to any bland dish, be it rice or a sandwich. It also makes a good base for a vinaigrette dressing, or as a spread with crackers and cheese.



Blueberry Spicebush Jam - SOLD OUT
This slightly spicy jam packs a punch to what would otherwise be that familiar blueberry flavor. Both native crops of North America, the spicebush berries and these chemical-free blueberries from Stockport, Ohio, unite to make an uncommonly good spread. Now made with ORGANIC evaporated cane juice, this jam is great with nut butters and cream cheese, or as a cake filling.



Ramp Tofu Pasta
This unique pasta, made in cooperation with Crumbs Bakery in Athens, Ohio, utilizes ramps (an indigenous wild leek) that are sustainably harvested from woodlands around Southeastern Ohio. The strong-flavored pasta goes well with white sauces, marinara's or simply tossed with olive oil, Parmesan cheese and herbs. (Contains wheat.)



Ramp Crackers
Another fine product made with our friends at Crumbs, these crackers are made from organic spelt flour, various seeds and a healthy dose of ramps (see description above).



Appalachian Allspice
These dried spicebush berries (Lindera benzoin), used as an allspice during the Civil War, pack a rich flavor and aroma. They’re picked red ripe from the understory of the forest before being carefully dried for later culinary explorations. Simply grind the berries and add to desserts, rubs, coffee and more.



Shelled Black Walnuts
Perfectly cracked and ready to eat black walnut kernels make an excellent addition to your diet. Low in fat, and cholesterol- and sugar-free, the wild harvested black walnuts are strong and bold in flavor. Add them to chocolate chip cookie dough, toss into a salad or use in place of pine nuts in pesto.



Frozen Goods


Frozen Pawpaw Pulp - Pawpaw Pleasures
This is the next best thing when the fresh fruit season has passed. Just think of it…pawpaws in the dead of winter! This 100% pure, unadulterated pawpaw pulp is free of skins and seeds, and is pre-measured for home Epicureans and chefs alike. Shave the frozen pulp into smoothies or use it to make delectable homemade ice cream. It’s versatile enough to be cooked or baked into your favorite desserts or entrees.

$12.00/2 lbs.



Pawpaw Pops
Talk about thirst quenching! There’s nothing better on a hot summer day than one of these quiescently frozen treats made with pawpaw pulp and 100% fruit juices. Try all four flavors!

Pawpaw Cherry
Pawpaw Blueberry Pomegranate
Pawpaw Raspberry
Pawpaw Strawberry
Pawpaw Mango

2.1 fluid ozs.


2.1 fluid ozs. in lots of 12 or more/ $1.00 per 2.1 fluid ozs.
Flavor/ Minimum order of 12

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of our frozen products, Integration Acres only offers UPS Overnight Service to ensure proper delivery. When shipped overnight, we guarantee a properly frozen delivery because we ship in special reusable Styrofoam coolers with dry ice. If customers opt for a slower shipping method, it is entirely at their own risk. Integration Acres cannot guarantee a properly frozen product for customers who choose other delivery methods. Depending on the time of year and your location we will consult with you to maximize your shipping dollars.

Costs are calculated on weight and zip code.



Pawpaw Seeds (Asimina triloba)
These viable, wild-harvested pawpaw seeds have been cleaned and can be shipped all across the United States. Each pound contains roughly 200-300 seeds. (Wholesalers may inquire about ordering larger quantities.)

$25.00/1 lb.


Handblown Glass Pawpaw Ornaments
Glass blower Stephen Williams, who divides his time between Snowville, Ohio, and New Orleans, Louisiana, makes these simple yet elegant glass pawpaw ornaments. They’re great for hanging in a window, adding to a glass bowl of fruit or hanging on your Christmas tree.




Copper Pawpaw Seed Bead
Pawpaw seeds are unusual-looking and beautiful. Now you can wear one with the help of area artist Matt Peters, who wraps the pawpaw seed in decorative strands of copper. Now you can adorn a necklace, earring or anything else you want with your favorite seed!



Pawpaw Native Corn Necklace
Jennifer Brockmeyer, a native Shawnee storyteller from the Hocking Hills, makes these authentic corn necklaces with pawpaw seeds. She is a regular vendor at the Ohio Pawpaw Festival, and Integration Acres is pleased to offer her wares online.







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