Frozen Pawpaw Pulp



Shipments more than an overnight delivery from Ohio MUST select next day or two-day shipping.  Please consult the UPS map here to view estimated days in transit for shipments from Ohio.

Customers who choose shipping via a slower method assume all risk.  No refunds will be issued.  The pulp cannot be expected to ship well over numerous days.

Frozen pawpaw pulp ships Monday and Tuesday only, in a cooler with ice packs.  No shipments to post office boxes, some western zip codes or international addresses.  Integration Acres also may postpone deliveries based on weather conditions.

**Shipper does not guarantee delivery of perishable products; customer assumes risk of potential delivery delays.**

This is the next best thing when fresh fruit season is over – 100% frozen pawpaw pulp (and a smidge of ascorbic acid).  Shave or grate the pulp into smoothies, or use it to make delectable homemade ice cream.

As pulp thaws, it begins to discolor with oxidation and gradually will turn brown (similar to bananas, avocados, apples, etc.).  To minimize this, use pulp quickly.  Always thaw in a refrigerator, and do not allow pulp to sit indefinitely after thawing.

Use caution when baking with pawpaws (fresh or frozen).  Pawpaws also should never be dehydrated into fruit leather.  There are reports of individuals experiencing gastrointestinal distress when baking and dehydrating.

Brewers, distillers and other wholesale customers may inquire via the Contact form about bulk quantities of frozen pawpaw pulp.


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